While You Were Out #3

In this (last couple) week’s edition in internet goodies, it’s been a good week with some lowish points. Let’s begin. 

The fox, the fox, the fox is on fire. Or at least Firefox is for their CEO who opposes same-sex marriage. Three board members aren’t having any of it, and it seems neither is OkCupid, a casual dating site that might not be so bad after all. It’s nice to see that some people remember the power they hold in actively distancing themselves from the stupid questionable.


And apparently the box is on fire too. But in possibly the best way. James Mcrae is designing a way to browse the web as a virtual reality game, something I’ve been dying to have in my life since I knew what a computer was. Right now, the program, FireBox, is just for fun and to work with the Oculus Rift, but hopefully someone picks it up as an actual product for consumers. I would be first in line. 


All the ladies who making changes. If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of the tide turning in Afghanistan. Some 300+ women are running for council seats and a few are aiming even higher in the Afghanistan government. “‘A woman wouldn’t even show her face to her brother-in-law living in the same house for 25 years,” Miriam Wardak, daughter of one of the women running for provincial council, said. “People would joke that if someone kidnapped our ladies, we would have to find them from their voices. Now women in Wardak show their faces — they see everybody else’s faces.'” 

What if that fairy tale life was real?  I don’t even have words, I’ll just leave you with a sneak preview. 

Simply amazing.

Can you die of a broken heart?  An interesting question that seems to be the stuff of fiction, but even I’ve wondered if it could be true. It’s known as stress cardiomyopathy or takotsubo, and it is an actual thing that has been observed in animals. But while soul crushing loneliness is turning out to be less and less of a joke, it also shows how our bodies react to our emotions. More and more, scientists and psychologists alike are finding evidence to support the connection between our emotional or mental health and our physical bodies. This and virtual reality, two things I want to be a part of learning about so much my heart is all a flutter. 

That concludes this week’s edition. Do you guys want more pictures? Should there be YouTube videos accompanying these things? Let me know in the comments. And while I have your attention you can follow me on FacebookTumblrInstagram and YouTube, as well as my personal blog.

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