While You Were Out #2

So while you were exploring the vast depths of the internet, you might have missed…

Ashley Stroud

I miss the days of music like this. Those gorgeously wavering high points,  the flow of voice and melody, and when the song takes a darker dive into delicious low notes…oh sorry, I got distracted. We were talking about music. Can someone just take every pop song I love and make it into this? And is gothic R&B really a thing, because I want  NEED it be a thing.

What were you wearing?

I feel like this is the most important thing I have ever seen in my life. This being a twitter conversation started by @steenfox asking people what they were wearing when they were sexual assualted. You can see more response by clicking her username. Constantly I hear the disapproval of a woman’s clothing because it’s too short (when it actually isn’t), or “she looks like she’s asking for it”. Now mind you, I know it’s not only women who get raped, but even then very little attention is paid to what a male was wearing.

Depression and Transgender

This post is written by Zinnia Jones, someone I’ve been following since she first applied lipstick in a youtube video years ago. This post hits the “well if you’re this then you MUST be this…” chord with me. I think a lot of people see being transgender is a manifestation of another problem (a problem the “judger” can readily recognize within the limits of their own experiences). That line of thinking is absolutely ridiculous. A person can be transgender and be depressed (or anything else) or be transgender and not have depression (or anything else). One does not indicate, qualify, or guarantee the presence of the other. It’s basics.

American Horror Story: Circus?

Now if there’s one thing I love as much as Wonderland it’s a circus. I struggled to get the Coven, but hey for a first timer that was pretty intense. (I’ve been warned not to watch the second season, so that is sooo not going to happen). Anyway I do remember when these rumors first started, but what is this I’m hearing now? If they do make it, I would watch it. AHS has been weird about not giving you exactly what you want and I’m…I’m okay with that. Update: It’s true!! ish…

L’wren Scott Found Dead

Details here. A beautiful woman, not just physically but in her work as well. Her designs have a style unlike any other, and she translated strong emotions and such personality in her creations. Rest in peace.

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