March Beauty Haul

I really should have jumped on the purple make up train in the fall, because now…now I am doomed. Too long, don’t want to read? To check out the vlog version of this post click here.


Going clockwise…

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser 

Picked this one up at Target on a whim after I was handed a coupon for $3.00 off. My skin can get pretty oily and I’ve tried a lot of products to deal with that, but they never really helped. I love this. I loved the way my face looked after I used and what else is a product supposed to do but make you feel beautiful. Get it. Love it. Become one with it.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

This particular combo pack comes with both face and nose strips. I’ve been using them for a while now and they do exactly what you want them to do. (*whispers* remove blackheads). I had very noticeable blackheads for the longest while and no other product got rid of them. I think people might find this a little intense because it does hurt a little (read a lot. It is a mind over matter, slow and steady meditative process to get them off). I use these about once a month. You can get them at Ulta, Target and Walgreens, or really drugstores…

Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer

So you know those touch screens that some Targets have in the beauty section? I played with one. I never used a moisturizer of any kind before, unless foundation counts, which it doesn’t. For a first time stab at it, I like using this product. My face does feel moisturized all day, and it works well with my other make up products.

Olay Night of Olay Firming Cream

Now that I think about it, as I’m wearing this product, I think I might start looking at other night creams. I’m not too crazy about the smell (it’s faint, but I don’t want my night time cream to really smell…unless it’s lavender…) and the way it feels on my skin. It’s very noticeable to me. Is it supposed to feel heavy? Does that mean it’s working?

Kate Moss #4 (Sold Out)

While I do love anything purple, I’m not too crazy about this one. I bought it as a dupe for MAC’s Cyber, and while I think it’s a nice dupe, this is not the purple I’m looking for. I’m beginning to think they don’t even make my kind of purple…yet. As for it as a lipstick, it’s lovely. It feels smooth, not too creamy to be uncomfortable, not too matte to dry your lips out. The color your see is the color you get. But it is a sold out color so try Amazon or Ebay.

Milani Black Cherry #24

Let me explain how this became a thing. I was originally looking for MAC Nightmoth because dat red….but I’m not very fond of lip pencils. A quick google search led me to find the sold out MAC Prince Noir lipstick, but nowhere to find it. Then another dupe search led to Black Cherry. I had a lipstick from when they first came out with this color and loved it then. The formula is now perfection. This is another one where the color you see is the color you get. Walgreens and CVS carry Milani.

Milani Violet Volt #34

Ugh. I cannot begin to explain how sick I am of brands use purple to describe pink lipsticks and I doubt you’ll find anyone nearly as upset as me about it. It’s fuchsia. As a last ditch attempt to try to see if there was anything in this lipstick for me I tried to blend some black into it (you’ll have to see the vlog to find out why). Still didn’t work. It’s going right back to CVS.

NYX Lip Primer in Deep Nude

We’ll start this off with what I want in a lip primer: to matte my lips. That’s it. I don’t ask for long lasting, highlighting madness. Just make my lips super dry and super smooth so some particular brands of lipstick will go on better. Does this lip primer do that? Sort of. I think this specific one is designed for lipsticks and other lip products within the brand. With other lipstick it does an okay job for being one of the cheapest and still effective lip primers out there. They’re available at Ulta if you’re curious, where I’ll be taking mine back, sadly.

Lancome L’absolu Nu in Prune Mantille

It’s purple, but not necessarily lipstick. It feels like a creamier chap stick with a decent amount of pigment. I plan to wear it on my “I want to dress up, but….” days. Enough color to make me feel like I’m wearing my purple obsession, but just light enough to be acceptable anywhere.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Butter in Copenhagen and Transylvania

Copenhagen is the red of the two. It’s a nice deep red that every gothic darling wants for those days we’ve misplaced the blacks and/or the purples. Transylvania, my new true love. It’s gorgeous, an actual dark purple that still looks purple. I won’t even bother to compare it to Vamp It Up from Wet n Wild because I don’t know if I care for that one at all. I use a purple lipgloss over it to really make the color pop. As for the lip product? Use chapstick or gloss over it after it dries. It does sort of dry out your lips if you layer it on for a solid consistent look (or maybe that’s not how you’re supposed to use it?). If you use a little bit, like a single coat, it’s fine and doesn’t dry them out.

MIlani Sangria #21

There will always be room in my bag for this color. When I was hunting for purple lipsticks, this was my go to color. It’s like a dark magenta and I find it to be true to the color. If you love eye catching colors then you should definitely see this.

Wet n Wild Through the Looking Glass Clear Gloss

This isn’t going to make much sense, but if I do wear gloss I’m okay with it being heavy as long as it isn’t oily. It is sticky however if that’s a con for people. It was on clearance and has always been a favorite of mine for highlighting some of my weirder lip colors that can occasionally wash out. So far the only place I’ve seen it is at Target.

Wet n Wild Fergie Pagan Angel 

It’s $2 or less, depending one where you find it. It is the cheapest, swear on The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe, decent black you will ever find. I use it everytime you see me in black lipstick, and to blend into my other lipsticks. So far I’ve only see this one at Walgreens, so you better get there before I do. Sometimes they stop restocking it for weird periods of time…

Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish in Disturbia

Did the Rihanna song immediately play in your head? Yep, now you know why I bought it. Damn you clever product naming. But seriously, the color is great but the actual nail polish is not. It looks as cheap as it really is. It dries fast though, if that can be a saving grace. (It can’t.) Oh and the color? Looks great in the bottle, looks decent on the nails, but the two are not the same thing. It’s going right back to Walgreens and I’m getting black lipstick instead.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes in So Purple

I already like the mascara, and I got this mascara for like 50% and thought “Yeah I should probably pick up a second one while I’m here.” Maybe it’s because I have dark lashes, and this product really does try to work with that, the color is not noticeable on me. Or at least from an appropriate conversation distance. But it works as well as it does in black, and what’s really important is that I know what color it is.

Curious as to what I got after I returned some of these products? Well you know where the vlog is darlings. Or if you’ve had enough of me for one day, at least stop by Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube and hit the subcribe/follow/like button. I couldn’t just share everything on here could I?

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