While You Were Out #1

Trying a new blogging set up, so bear with me. Every week I’ll try to do a summary post of things I’m paying attention to, so you don’t think I’ve just disappeared to do absolutely nothing. Some of the things will be goth related, and some will be general things of interest. Articles are linked. Oh and while you were out-

Lorde and MAC

Lorde is collaborating with MAC for some gorgeous lip colors. Seeing as purple is my favorite thing in the world and Lorde is becoming a close second, I suspect this will be an essential purchase. While several sites are simply repeating the fact there is a collaboration, there hasn’t been much detail on what to expect from it, well except for this sketch. But that isn’t good enough for me.

Transgender and Stereotypes

There is also this article about a transgender man speaking about figuring out his identity. This is important because it shows the impact of such stereotypes on people trying to feel comfortable in their own skin. Congrats to Marc for sharing his story, and in response, some people have also shared their stories in the comments below.

Ugh Stromae!

Music wise, thanks to a dear friend of mine, I’m obsessing over Stromae. From his 2013 album, Racine Carree,  I find myself unable to sit still. It’s music that begs for physical expression. The lyrics are exceptionally powerful in French and English, and a quick google search will help you find your way. His 2010 album Cheese, feels a bit more dance clubs meets philosophical salon. I don’t want to just get lost in it, I want to find something as well.

The Missing Flight #MH370

Buzzfeed recently did a post featuring several of the passengers on the Malaysian flight MH370 that went missing on March 8th. They have also posted an updated summary of information today. While new information is being released as soon as possible, some people have been creating hoaxes and other distasteful responses to this unsettling and unfortunate event. My heart goes to the families of the missing passengers and hope they are found soon and are safe. I felt this should be included since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people talking about it.

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