Getting into Goth Fashion

A major common trait that all goths share is an appreciation of the o it yourself approach when it comes to fashion. The way to begin gothing up your closet is to look for basic things that are easy to alter or decorate. It is possible to use more complicated pieces of clothing but if you’re just starting out use basics first. Easy materials to work with are knit shirts (if you’re sewing things on be aware of it stretching), cotton, and denim.

I personally like working with blazers because the lapels an back allow lots of room from either small or large designs. Long straight skirts are also easy to alter if there aren’t too many panels.

I’ll post some DIY tutorials soon but for now I’ll leave you with somethings to consider when revamping your wardrobe.

1) Draw your design out first. If you’re stumped for ideas I highly recommend going to a craft store first an then looking up images online. That way you know what’s available and approximately how much your design will cost.

2)A sewing machine can be your best friend an your worst nightmare. Buy extra fabric for practicing with an use YouTube obsessively. Keep in mind not all sewing machines have the same settings so note the make an model when looking up tutorials.

3)If you’re going to be making badges or intricately small#D designs, build it first an then sew it on. This means you’ll need to design a substantial base that can be stitched on to the clothing. Keep in min how it’ll be cleaned!

4)You are only limited by your imagination. It’s important that you like it, not what kind of approval you’ll get.

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