And They Will Call You by Your Illness

I think we’ll just dive right into this… When you have a mental disorder, get ready to do four times the work.&nbs

Cloak and Dagger

It’s impossible for me to write about C&D (Cloak and Dagger) objectively, it’s an incredibly personal thing to

Things Ugly People Say

Someone once said to me, “I have nothing against ugly people, I just believe they should be treated differently.”

Blood Drive: Listen Up Dumb Dumbs

Blood Drive, is “the meanest, nastiest, filthiest road race in the world” and they’re not about to let you f

Your Future is Bright: Tips for Finding Your Five Year Plan

I’ve recently become obsessed with planners. They are a combination of organization, scrapbooking, and journaling. The p

Dear Cisgender Woman Screaming Over Transwomen

The original post I’m respond to is here:

Dear Sibling and My Sibling’s Frustration

I was stuck in traffic today. I normally have late nights and early mornings so standstill traffic isn’t a thing I deal

In Case of Disillusionment with Goth, Click Here

For a visual version: It either sings in your bones and electrifies every fiber of your being or it doesn’t. That’

Side A: The Rules of Existing

I could walk you through this…in an audible way… Rule 1: You must make sense. It was a warm night in March in Los

Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Big Goth YouTubers Cheat Us All

This has been a long time coming and I always held back from writing about my issues with the larger goth youtubers because it