Goth Isn’t About Race

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I woke up this morning, optimistic about my task list today and was greeted by this in my Tumblr feed:

goth bullshit

And I know what you’re thinking, Zakkarrii, it’s one person, they don’t deserve your attention. So I went looking and remembered this which is a comment someone posted on my own videos:

black goth 2

And this, which is a part of a larger thread and then there was a second thread:


So, the sentiment exists and I’m going to attack the sentiment and not the person or people.

Why don’t you see a lot of black goths? You don’t, and there’s lots of reasons for that. There’s the rampant bullshit of assholes commenting on YouTubers shit saying they’re a nigger or that they deserve to die or both, so they get pushed out of producing content. There’s heavy marketing from gothic clothing, makeup and media brands that do not include black goths in their marketing ever. That specific problem can be attributed to low or no demand from that demographic, marketers not knowing black goths exists, or a determination to not include them. There’s this wonderful thing called racism in mainstream society that encourages assimilation and keeping your head down and many black people have told me maybe being goth is not a wise choice for this reason. (But I’m black, I’m going to get shit either way so fuck it.)

But all that being said, does that mean they aren’t accepted? 

Nope. There is nothing inherent to Goth culture that says people of color can not be goth and any person of color who identifies as goth is proof of that. The only balant qualifier to be Goth is to like Goth stuff, so past that…there’s nothing. They exist, they buy products with gothy inclination, go to club nights and they contribute to the survival of the culture.

Never mind, we have actually talked about goth not be wholly separate from mainstream culture, so sometimes people track mud into our lovely home…

Aren’t you just saying this because you want to be included?

Nope. I still write, pose, and participate because most people don’t give me shit for it and it’s something I enjoy doing. I think it’s better to attract any audience that would be disgusted by the fact I’m here writing this, than to be surrounded by people who would spout such things, but that might just be me. These are the cards I’ve been dealt honey, a strange black girl who likes to dress up living in a world where things you don’t have a say about matter so much to people. I already have so many battles to fight, it doesn’t bother me to add one more.

My experience being a black goth? There is no pressure to look like anyone else. I’m never going to. So I just do whatever, particularly hunt down every shade of purple and wrap myself head to toe in it! Meanwhile I have to stomach negativity some Victoria Lovelace wanna be who thinks she’s God’s gift to Nu Goth because she bought a pair of Hellbounds. I don’t have time to babysit you and myself.

How can goths of color be included? 

Ha, ha! Forgive me. I always laugh at this because it’s not that hard. Just do it. Let’s say you run a blog, and you come across a Mexican goth that does not look like the iconic goth image, but they’re still pretty cool and make cool stuff. Just include them. Write about them like you would a white goth, maybe not go over the same fucking line of questioning “How has being a Mexican goth affected you?” It’s been hard, bitch. Harder than you can imagine, because not everyone who rejects you outright for your skin color has to tell you about it. They just do it. Don’t approach them like they’re a unicorn  and tell them you’ve only read about them that one time on Buzzfeed. Talk to them like they’re…I don’t know….human? The next diversity goth feature is going to be the death of me.

How can I help goths of color be included?

I add this question on because it is so rare that any major contributor of goth content will readily include a goth of color just because….they should be included. I mean we just passed Black History Month and I’m not waiting a year for this shit. Go find them. The racists already have you beat there, because they will not hesitate to track down a black goth and give them hell. So fight back if you give a damn and actually give one. It’s not going to change until you make it change.

Okay we got this covered. I’m done talking about this. I wanted to write about a love affair with death but look where I wound up! Enraged and tired.

The post for the 666 is: How do we solve the race issue in the goth culture and, for bonus points, find one non white goth and talk about them. 

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Until next time,

Don’t be hungry for life. Be ravenous.

Zakkarrii Edison Daniels



6 thoughts on “Goth Isn’t About Race

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    1. hellsquookie

      I’m actually going to do something specific to elitism in the future. It’s a weird mentality and such a boring thing to be a part of. You know? Just chill out, that person could be making fighting robots and now you can’t party with them because you were a dick. But I am grateful for people like you, who just make me feel like, I don’t know, a person. <3

  2. The Blogging Goth

    Nice article! I’m from the UK where the Goth scene as a whole is pretty muted right now, but I did ask for an article from a black American Goth called Jacqueline:

    I like your advice and I hope my writing hasn’t come across as some kind of ‘OMG being black AND Goth, what is that like?!!?!’ – I was aiming more for a curious exploration of something I, a white male, haven’t come across ever before in the scene. So it’s good to read more into this topic from experienced writers like yourself. Cheers!

    1. hellsquookie

      Hi! Well you had the person speak for themselves so that’s good. My rage stems from the major goth content creators using this 90s newscaster “short and sweet” template. “Ah, you’re black and goth? Fascinating. Oh, there are problems? Great. Well you heard it here first folks, we met our first black goth.”

      Hopefully, I’ll be able to do more fun things soon. Feel like my work has become a little heavy. 😉

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